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Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Bitcoin ETFs is not yet a yes from the main US regulator, the SEC. However, as things stand, there is Bitcoin Tracker One tradable via broker’s OTC market.

Andreas Antonopoulos: A Bitcoin ETF is a "Terrible Idea" - Ethereum World News

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, one of the most respected and active personalities within the Bitcoin ecosystem, shared his impressions this week regarding the consequences that an approval of a Bitcoin ETF could have for the crypto ecosystem. In his popular video series “Bitcoin Q&A”, Antonopoulos referred to the matter as a hot topic tha

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Simplepospool was created by a team of passionate Proof of Stake lovers and build to make Proof of Stake possible for everyone. So, you make money simply by staking cryptocurrencies or by joining a pool of people involved in the booming business of masternode.
Samsung Pursues Blockchain Technology Research for Future Applications

Samsung is the latest company to join bitcoin’s blockchain development race. The global tech giant expressed its interest in using the technology for a wide range of applications that go beyond currency and finance. “The blockchain technology i

The Blockchain is Forever

Marc Andreessen has compared the current state of Bitcoin to the state of the internet in 1993. The comparison makes sense if you consider that Bitcoin, a protocol that is slowly taking over the world, and for which the blockchain was built, is jus

Blockchain: Robocoin Debuts Romit Remittance Software

When Robocoin invented the world’s first Bitcoin ATM In October 2013, the company believed that blockchain technology would transform the remittance market. To that end, today the company is introducing Romit: the cheapest and fastest money-trans

Le Nasdaq expérimente la technologie Blockchain

Le Nasdaq a annoncé qu'il allait tester cette année encore la technologie Blockchain pour améliorer l'échange des actions sur le Nasdaq Private Market. Le Nasdaq a décidé de lancer cette année encore un registre d'actions basée sur la techn

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