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Simplepospool.com: passive income by staking cryptocurrencies

Simplepospool was created by a team of passionate Proof of Stake lovers and build to make Proof of Stake possible for everyone. So, you make money simply by staking cryptocurrencies or by joining a pool of people involved in the booming business of masternode.

Software enthusiast, spare-time musician, casual biker. Not to mention my talent for cooking spaghetti.

BitcoinSPV, a full-stack Bitcoin library for iOS

BitcoinSPV is the first full-stack Bitcoin library for iOS, completely written in native Objective-C. It provides the basic protocol data structures, essential client functionality and some modern features like BIP37 Bloom filters for efficient SPV

Bytes and hashes

Hashing algorithms take a front seat in the Bitcoin ecosystem, you’re going to find them everywhere in the blockchain so I believe it’s the best subject to start with.

Serialization (pt. 1)

Enough of theory, we’re up to some real code! Before treating full-blown entities, though, you need to learn how to serialize generic data through a small set a primitives. Think of C variables, we certainly want to know what int...

Serialization (pt. 2)

Things get a little trickier when the length of a binary string can’t be predicted, but the solution is pretty straightforward: the string is prefixed with useful information about its length. The core of variable-length serialization is the vari

Faucetoshi - Earn Free Satoshi Every Minutes

Faucetoshi - Earn Free Satoshi Every Minutes

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Deglat Bitcoin

Deglat Bitcoin

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