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What is the meaning of a cryptocurrency airdrop

One of the simplest ways to make money on the internet is AirDrop. An AirDrop is for a company to offer tokens or coins of their cryptocurrency to people. Read more

Blockchains impact in the online gambling industry

Have you ever asked yourself how Blockchain might change the way we gamble online? Blockchain won´t create a new type of gambling, but it will create a new platform. Read more

Blockchain Casinos -- Are They Better?

Blockchain technology is something we have been hearing a lot about in recent years and one that doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. In this post, we are looking at whether blockchain casinos are better than regular online gambling sites and how you can gamble with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Read more

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Dead Cops, Looted Shops, Cities Burning, Buy Stocks! | Zero Hedge

While we are constantly told that Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter; in fact, truth be told, ALL LIVES MATTER; but, there is one thing that matters more... higher stock market prices...Trannies led the day... (there was a blip lower around 1030ET when NYC announced its extended curfew - but that was bid) but another major buy on close imbalance