Efforts To Push Litecoin (LTC) To $400 Underway, Says Charlie Lee - Ethereum World News

Cryptocurrency pundit and founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, has revealed that he’s doing everything in his prowess to push the price of Litecoin (LTC) to $400, claiming that soon, the altcoin will reach a level far higher than the all-time price of $375.29 which later plunged by 50% in January 2017. Mr. Charlie in a […]

Tron (TRX) Future Plans for the WWW - Complete Decentralization - Ethereum World News

The current and existing management of wealth in the finance sector and its strong centralized nature has led to dissatisfaction by many. This has triggered the development catalyst inside of humans to go for the better. So technology and its applications have continued to grow, which marks the event of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to be [&helli

Ripple's XRP Accepted by Samsung Signals 'None Security' - Ethereum World News

The leading IT giant Samsung has announced that digital currency payments will be accepted. The development was made possible via teaming up with CopPay platform. Firstly, users that will use and benefit these services will be from 3 Baltic states. The announcement was made by the Lithuanian-based company on July 20. The stores that will accept [&

Facebook Restores Coinbase Cryptocurrency Ads - Ethereum World News

After a careful review of its policies, Facebook has decided to allow the exhibition of specific crypto related ads from now on. Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States got the first green light to promote itself on this social network. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, announced the decision in a tweet a […]

Tron (TRX) Ecosystem Fortified With TronLink - Ethereum World News

To stand out among equals, Tron continues to add myriads of developments and partnerships. One very noticeable progress that has been added to Tron ecosystem is the TronLink, an extension that gives room for DApps like Ethereum’s Cryptokitties to survive on Tron blockchain. This landmark achievement came in after the Tron complete migration from

Ex-Forbes China President Joins NEO (NEO) Project - Ethereum World News

NEO (NEO) –Nearly all blockchain projects are trying hard to be relevant, but some have truly outperformed another in this area. One very reputable project in the blockchain space is NEO. The cryptocurrency has been wining for some time. Moonlight a project on the NEO Network has announced that ex-president of Forbes China, accepted to […]

Can Ethereum (ETH) Triumph over Tron (TRX) and Zilliqa (ZIL) with its own Sharding and Plasma? - Ethereum World News

The wonderful concepts of Darwinian evolution and survival of the fittest not only apply in the world of flora and fauna, but also in the industries of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Crypto projects that forget that blockchain technology evolves faster than a speeding bullet will find themselves obsolete for other up and coming project

Coinbase Creates Its Own Political Action Committee (PAC) - Ethereum World News

The U.S cryptocurrency exchange known as Coinbase has created its own Political Action Committee (PAC). This is according to details made public on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website only today, July 21st. Political Action Committees are organizations in the United States that pool campaign contributions from members with similar ideals,

Mike Novogratz Thinks a Crypto Mass Adoption is 5 to 6 Years Away from Now - Ethereum World News

Mike Novogratz, one of the most influential investors and analysts in crypto verse, spoke this week about the future of cryptocurrencies, their global adoption, and the coming blockchain revolution. For the CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, businesses related to the use of cryptocurrency and investments in blockchain technologies have evolv

Samsung Now Accepts Cryptopayments in Three Baltic Countries - Ethereum World News

The Korean IT giant, Samsung, is accepting payments in cryptocurrency thanks to a strategic partnership with the CopPay platform. In a first stage, the platform implementation will benefit users from 3 Baltic countries. The announcement was made by the Lithuanian-based company on July 20. The stores that will accept cryptocurrencies are those locat

UK Police seizes 2 Million USD in BTC from Drugs Trafficker - Ethereum World News

The Surrey County police department in the UK became the first in the country to confiscate more than 2 million dollars in Bitcoin (BTC), which they discovered after a careful investigation that lasted more than a one year. According to information revealed by the police, the investigations began in 2017 when they received a report […]

Japanese Minister Seiko Noda Denies Links With Unregistered Exchange - Ethereum World News

Japan’s Internal affairs minister Seiko Noda spoke a few hours ago at a press conference, clarifying her stance on some suggestions that she may be linked to some exchanges that were under investigation by Japanese agencies. According to The Asia Shimbun news portal, Ms. Noda may have exerted pressure on a government investigation. Faced with

Cardano Technical Advantages and Potential: ADA Listed on OKEx - Ethereum World News

After publishing the Cardano – ADA research report by Etoro, much technological and fundamental value has been showcased and acknowledged by the community. Proportionally, to reach a fully functioning product in at least 2 years, various projects have will be initiating by Q3 of 2018. Cardano Running on the much more advanced consensus  prot

Steve Bannon To Release "Utility Tokens for the Populist Movement" - Ethereum World News

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to U.S. President Donald Trump and one of the masterminds behind the tactics that led Trump to win the elections, confirmed in an interview with CNBC that he is working on the creation of his own cryptocurrency. In an exclusive interview at the Delivering Alpha conference in New York, Steve […]

Bank Broker TP Icap Eyes Entry into Cryptocurrency Sector | NewsBTC

Interdealer broker TP Icap, one of the world's largest institutions within the financial, energy and commodities markets with a revenue of circa $1.76 billion in 2017, is about to approach virtual currencies and has set up a working group for the purpose of analyzing the best way to enter the burgeoning market and ecosystem.

Dash (DASH) Latest News and Future Price Predictions - Ethereum World News

With the crypto-prices struggling to keep their bullish pace for longer then a couple of days, traders are taking the hit. However, even with Bitcoin being in the red for the last 24-hours Dash surprised the market today. DASH/USD Latest One exception today is the pair DASH against the US Dollar as it is changing […]

Founder Justin Sun Wins Bid for TRON (TRX) Super Representative - Ethereum World News

TRON (TRX)–Barely a day after announcing his candidacy in the TRON Super Representative election, founder Justin Sun has accumulated the necessary votes to hold such a distinction. Thank you for everyone who voted for me as a #TRONSR. I will live up to the responsibilities of this new role. All #TRX received will be returned […]

Here is How Nano (NANO) is Silently Making Major Strides - Ethereum World News

Unbeknownst to many outside the Nano (NANO) crypto community, the project is silently making strides as the rest of the world focuses on the performance of Bitcoin (BTC) in the markets as well as the question as to whether institutional investors are getting into cryptocurrency investing. Earlier on in the year, Ethereum World News had […]

RL-Business Opportunity for 50+ BTC Investors - Ethereum World News

CBDoken, an Austrian-based crypto-company, announced huge investment news for private investors and ICOpools. In case you are wondering what CBDoken do: they created the first blockchain voucher for CBD utilising the power of Ethereum (ETH). One Voucher Token represents 1000mg of CBD Full Spectrum Extract, the probably most booming product on the l

CEO of Xapo Predicted Bitcoin (BTC) Trajectory Years Ago - Ethereum World News

Bitcoin (BTC)–Wences Casares, Argentinian tech entrepreneur and founder of Xapo, has been a proponent of Bitcoin since nearly the inception of the currency. While he has made bold claims that the innovation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be bigger than the internet in terms of global impact, his draw to digital currencies has been shape

Hopes of Crypto Recovery Fade as Altcoins Lose Ground | NewsBTC

FOMO Moments Crypto land is in decline; altcoins getting hit hardest are Stellar, VeChain, and OmiseGO, only Dash on the up The correction has continued The correction has continued as we end the working week in crypto land. Markets have dropped back below $285 billion and most cryptos are in the red again as the bears regain control.

WMPRO Launches Blockchain-Based EUCLEIA Social Referral Network - Coinjournal

WMPRO is launching the EUCLEIA platform both as a blockchain-based professional network and as a standalone white-label service. The new blockchain solution is designed for the word-of-mouth and referral marketing industry to add reliability, speed, security, and scalability. The next generation professional social network from WMPRO and its token