On The Precipice Of Martial Law | Zero Hedge

As in 1933, today’s financial collapse threatens to rip the socio-economic fabric of America to shreds, and just as in 1963 a powerful military-industrial-complex and private banking system manages a web of power...

The Jackpot Chronicles Scenario 1: Force Majeure | Zero Hedge

...An era like this comes to an end when the public realizes that their betters aren’t intellectually superior but rather institutionally privileged... and are now facing an existential crisis of their own making...

Tron (TRX) Ventures Into DeFi With its Revolutionary DApp, JUST - Ethereum World News

In brief: The team at Tron had been working on a DeFi platform known as Djed.  The Mainnet was launched today, April 4th.  The DApp has been rebranded to JUST.  Decentralized Finance, or simply DeFi, has been one of 2020’s highly anticipated use cases of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. As the name suggests, DeFi plans to revolutionize how

A Primer For Gold Newbies | Zero Hedge

...the wider public is turning to gold in a spontaneous reaction to financial and economic problems that have become suddenly apparent, hastened by the spread of COVID-19...

PrimeBit vs Bybit: Trading on Webtrader | Coinspeaker

PrimeBit is the fastest-growing P2P Bitcoin-based derivatives exchange with up to 200x leverage for perpetual contracts in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, the highest on the market.