IOTA Price Turns Sour Despite Promising Ecosystem Developments - The Merkle Hash

As the bearish and uncertain market momentum continues to affect nearly all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets on the market, the next few hours and days will be very interesting to keep an eye on. While Bitcoin is still in uncertain waters, it would appear the IOTA price is struggling significantly. At this time, it is a bit unlikely what is dri

Cardano Price Keeps Moving up Across the Board - The Merkle Hash

When the Bitcoin momentum sours a bit, one has to wonder if the alternative markets will see bearish or bullish pressure. During the weekend, the momentum can easily swing either way for altcoins, tokens, or assets. As far as the Cardano price is concerned, there is still a lot of initial promise. Its most recent gains are also interesting to take

NEM Price Rises as Developers Seek Public Feedback Regarding Catapult - The Merkle Hash

As today’s rather uneasy cryptocurrency market momentum continues, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for most markets. The NEM price, while often overlooked by a lot of people, is seemingly noting some strong gains as of late. Although the momentum is not exceptional or spectacular by any means, a lot of holders and traders will

Binance Coin Price Pumps Again Following Controversial Launchpad Changes - The Merkle Hash

While very few things are ever guaranteed in the world of cryptocurrency, one can usually assume the Binance Coin price will move up a decisive manner sooner or later. Today is another example of how this market works. The recently announced changes to accessing the Binance Launchpad will undoubtedly have something to do with this surge. Binance Co

Basic Attention Token Price Moves up Again as Value Surpasses $0.21 - The Merkle Hash

In the cryptocurrency world, weekends are usually a time when odd market momentum begins to materialize. Today seems to offer something most people had expected, although some markets have effectively begun moving up as well. With the Basic Attention Token price noting some solid gains in quick succession, it would appear as if traders might make s

Litecoin Price Holds its own Above $60 - The Merkle Hash

The top cryptocurrency markets are not necessarily performing as expected. That is completely normal behavior when Bitcoin turns ever so slightly bearish once again. It puts a lot of strain on other top markets, although the Litecoin price is still doing its own thing. Sustaining this current upward momentum will be a bit troublesome, but so far, t

Ravencoin Price Notes Another 20% Gain out of the Blue - The Merkle Hash

While the majority of the cryptocurrency markets are seemingly turning bearish again, smaller cap altcoins need to make a name for themselves. The weekend is usually a good time to do so, as the markets all act adversely during those two days. This would also explain why the Ravencoin price is pumping once again, as there do not appear to be any ma

Tron Price Shows Bullish Signs yet Traders Expect a big Retrace - The Merkle Hash

When it comes to the different cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets on the market today, there will be some interesting trends to take note of. Contrary to most people’s expectations, the Tron price is moving up fairly quickly. After surpassing the 600 Satoshi level once again, it would appear TRX is in a pretty good place. That is, assuming

Huobi Prime to Start Offering "Selective" Token Listings Next Week - The Merkle Hash

Cryptocurrency service providers are always looking to gain a competitive edge. A fair few exchanges are now moving well beyond trading services in this regard. Huobi Global has announced the launch of Huobi Prime, which will serve as a “selective token listing channel”. A lot of people seem to compare this to Binance’s Launchpad,

Bitcoin Cash Price Briefly Surpasses $170 Following Surprising Gains - The Merkle Hash

It would appear most of the bearish pressure which seemed to materialize yesterday evening is no longer in place at this time. Some of the top markets are moving up in a decisive manner, whereas others are still on wobbly legs. The Bitcoin Cash price is surging once again, although it remains to be seen if this trend can be sustained for very long.

XRP Price Maintains the Status Quo as Market Remains Undecisive - The Merkle Hash

As this Friday afternoon slowly transitions into Friday evening, all eyes will be on the top cryptocurrency markets once again. Up until an hour ago, it seemed as if most markets would turn bullish. Right now, some of that momentum has been eroded once again. None of the top markets look incredibly good right now, as even the XRP price suffers from

Streamex’s Platform Addresses Current Needs of Traders, the Focused Crypto Exchange That Democratizes Trading - The Merkle Hash

Minneapolis, MN March 22nd: The cryptocurrency-based trading platform is at the forefront of a milestone. Streamex is looking to disrupt the crypto-trading field by offering a superior world class product. Streamex has a secure, reliable, robust and comprehensive service that is the first of its kind. “Current crypto-exchange platforms offer litt

EOS Price Doesn't Budge as EOSFinex Beta Release Draws Near - The Merkle Hash

As the top markets continue to struggle for any real traction, it quickly becomes apparent today will not be the best of days for most currencies. The EOS price, while looking somewhat promising on the hourly chart, has yet to overcome a few hurdles along the way. For the time being, this market falls victim to the same bearish pressure as all othe

ABBC Coin Price Remains Bearish and Returns to More Normal Levels - The Merkle Hash

Whenever a relatively unknown and seemingly less-than-useful cryptocurrency rises in value out of the blue, there is a good chance its price retrace fairly shortly after. In this volatile industry, one of those coins can be found virtually every other day. Despite noting very strong gains a few days ago, it would appear the ABBC Coin price is dropp

Ripple Inc Foothold in Middle East, Rain Now Supports XRP

Rain is the latest cryptocurrency exchange to add support for XRP and trade it against five fiat currencies including the USD. The exchange is sharia compliant and has the approval of the SRB.