Guide: What Is ICON (ICX) | UseTheBitcoin

The Korean-based ICON Foundation has a project they claim will “hyperconnect the world”. On the back of this promise, the cryptocurrency linked to the project soared to a […]

Coinbase CISO Philip Martin talks passwords, keys Libra

Coinbase security chief Philip Martin explains, "Possession of a key is possession of your currency. What that means is that you can't revoke a cryptocurrency key, if that key is lost, compromised, there is no ability to get [the value] back."

What Is Bitcoin Cash? | UseTheBitcoin

Bitcoin experienced its first splitting hard fork on August 1, 2017, when Bitcoin Cash was forked from the blockchain. The main issue that caused this hard fork was scalability, which affects the number of transactions per second. 

StarkPay Offers an Improved Lightning Network Solution on Ethereum » The Merkle Hash

Making cryptocurrency and blockchain payments more viable remains an ongoing battle. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network offers some relief, yet opinions on this technology remain somewhat divided. StarkPay is a new solution which aims to provide scalable and non-custodial blockchain payments to everyone. The bigger question is if all of this is even

Arbitrage Trading Made Easy With Hivereck Trading Bot » The Merkle Hash

In the world of crypto trading, timing and exposure are everything. Broader access to information, quicker links to trading markets and faster execution of trades are key factors. The volatility of cryptocurrencies, their markets and round the clock open trading means that a trader has to be on his or her toes at all times. Bots: Helping Traders Au

Ethereum Price Prediction and Analysis For August 16th - ETH Declining, Crypto Community Expecting Growth » The Merkle Hash

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex The second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, the Ethereum, continues a declining correction. The test of the important support level of $165 is close; if it happens, the buyers will have to demonstrate a bounce in order to prevent further decline. It is possible that the ETH is falling in c

Any way to stop Bitcoin falling? » The Merkle Hash

Bitcoin broke our hopes again. We’ve watched it rise to almost $20 000 and drop back to $3k. In July with Bitcoin growing to $14k everyone expected it would skyrocket to $1 M. Unfortunately, anew, we see the falling star.  So, what’s wrong about Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that no authority or government regulates

The IRS Perfectly Knows How Much Bitcoin Users owe in Taxes » The Merkle Hash

The IRS doesn’t take kindly to people purposefully evading taxes. This is especially true when those users are also cryptocurrency holders or traders. Despite sending out thousands of letters in recent weeks, the agency is already stepping up its game. A new version is making the rounds which is a lot more straightforward and firm. It also s

Bakkt Launches Their Bitcoin Futures Next Month

Bakkt says it will launch its physically-delivered BTС futures product in September – nearly a year after its initial launch date. The upcoming exchange has received a trust charter from the NYDFS.

Why Are Gamblers Choosing Bitcoin Casinos? » The Merkle Hash

Online casinos like to cater to their customers by giving them all sorts of choices. Game selection is probably the most crucial aspect of any online gambling platform, but so are the payment methods. The more payment options a casino offers, the more players it will attract. Less than a decade ago, there were only a few banking methods with which

Best 5 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets For 2018

Learn all you need to know about protecting your cryptocurrency using hardware wallets. Hardware wallets are the safest way to keep your cryptocurrencies protected from hacks. In this article, you may find out the best cryptocurrencies hardware wallets that you can use to protect your coins.

Alleged Chinese Ponzi Scheme PlusToken has Collapsed » The Merkle Hash

Cryptocurrency scams and pyramid schemes will always be present. One Chinese project, called PlusToken, is currently generating a lot of attention. It seems this project raised roughly $2bn worth of Bitcoin and has now begun liquidating it. While the evidence is still circumstantial, it would explain the current bearish market trend.  The PlusToke