The race is on: US Fed started testing CBDC | Invezz

Reports of the US finally joining the CBDC race have been making headlines ever since Governor Lael Brainard said as much yesterday, August 13th. According to Brainard, the US Federal Reserve has already started conducting tests with a hypothetical CBDC, in collaboration with MIT and Boston Fed research teams. Governor Brainard explained that both

Crypto News Weekly RoundUp 14th August - Crypto Updates of the Week

This week hints at the top altcoins with huge potential. While Bitcoin lost its dominance, other altcoins, specifically Defi token made big bulletins. Another story that rocked the market as icing on the cake was ‘Coinbase’s announcement of crypto loan services’.

China to take the next step in its crypto trials | Invezz

A new report published by the Wall Street Journal earlier today indicates that China might be planning to step up the tests for its native cryptocurrency, the digital yuan. The nation already started testing it in several cities over the past year. Now, however, reports indicate that it is planning to expand these tests. Expanding the tests to new

Ethereum price goes up by 10% in 24 hours | Invezz

Over the course of the last month, ETH price saw quite a bit of growth. After sitting at a support level of $240 for some time, the price finally saw growth, until it was once again stopped by a strong resistance. This resistance held for over a week, and today, ETH finally managed to break it. Ethereum goes up as July comes to a close About a mont

BitMEX announces that users have six months to finish KYC | Invezz

The crypto industry is starting to see some progress in regards to regulations, or at the very least, it is trying to self-regulate in order to avoid potential problems. As always, the goal is to find a compromise between serving its users the way they want to be served, and satisfying the authorities that demand strict rules to ensure users’

Germany blockchain |

A draft bill was recently proposed by German Government agencies to allow the further securitisation of digital assets

Where next for Tezos price after a new record high? | Invezz

Tezos (XTZ) has been one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies over the past week when it gained almost 30%. XTZ price advanced over 28% last week before it set a new all-time high above $4.47 this week.  Fundamental analysis: Record interest in Tezos The latest data from the Bitfinex crypto exchange shows that there have never been more long

Wall Street is buying BTC and opting to HODL | Invezz

The time when institutional investors were not interested in crypto, or too unwilling to deal with it, has passed. Recent data from companies such as Grayscale and MicroStrategy reveals that institutional demand is surging quite strongly. Not only are institutions willing to buy cryptocurrencies, but they also choose to HODL in light of recent pric

Waves price goes up by $1 in a single day | Invezz

Waves (WAVES), the project that aims to speed up the shift from centralized to decentralized systems, saw a major price surge in the last 24 hours. The project’s coin skyrocketed from $1.83 to $2.80, increasing its value by almost $1 in a single day. Waves’ new price performance allowed the coin to hit a new YTD high in less than a day.