Ethereum's Price May Soon Explode Even Higher as Key Metric Breaks Out - Ethereum World News

Over the past day, the crypto market has effectively flatlined. Per data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has gained 0.12% in the past 24 hours, and Ethereum has shed 0.6%. Despite this consolidation, there are signs that the market is about to break out after Saturday’s non-action, most likely in the upward direction. A Breakout is Building Popul

Top Analyst Eyes Surge to $11,000 as Bitcoin Rapidly Jumps 3% Higher - Ethereum World News

Bitcoin has once again started to show signs of recovery. In the past hour, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has exploded higher, from the daily low around $9,650 to as high as $9,040, a jump of 3%. While this move has not yet been sustained on a weekly basis, analysts say that this recovery is an extremely positive sign for BTC, for just da

Here's Why Ethereum Could Soon Continue Surge Higher Against Bitcoin - Ethereum World News

Ethereum, despite what some readers may think, did not see a positive 2019. In fact, the cryptocurrency plummeted, actually registering a yearly loss in 2019, dramatically underperforming Bitcoin’s gains of nearly 100%. This meant that the market for ETH/BTC fell off a cliff, with the price of one Ether falling as low as 0.016 BTC — the low

Isn't XRP the Easiest Short? Analyst Asks as Bearish Pressure Mounts - Ethereum World News

XRP Could Plunge, Analyst Warns After Brutal Rejection Above $0.34 Last week, XRP saw a brutal rejection above the $0.34 price point, falling off a cliff all the way to $0.265 as Bitcoin saw a similar rejection at the $10,500 resistance. According to full-time cryptocurrency trader Cold Blooded Shiller, this rejection could spell disaster for the c

XRP Just Flipped a Key Resistance Into Support: Why This is Bullish - Ethereum World News

Over the past two days, the crypto market hasn’t fared too well. After peaking last week, the prices of digital assets across the board have tanked. XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, tanked from the multi-month high just a smidgen above $0.34 to as low as $0.265 — a hurting loss of over 25%. Despite this brutal

ETH Stabilizing After Correction » The Merkle Hash

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForexBy Friday, February 21st, emotional sales in the ETH have stopped. The digital currency is stabilizing around $260.75.On H4, the Ethereum demon

Ripple's Xpring Wants XRP and Ethereum to Connect, But Why? - Ethereum World News

Last weekend, the world’s Ethereum fanatics, developers, founders, and companies descended on Denver, Colorado to discuss developments regarding their favorite blockchain. The event they were attending was ETH Denver, a hackathon and convention for all things Ethereum. While the premise of the event was centered around the second-largest blockcha

XRP Could Be on Verge of Explosive Breakout Higher, Taking It 100% Higher - Ethereum World News

XRP hasn’t done too well ever since finding a local top last week. Since peaking at $0.34, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has fallen off dramatically, tanking over 20% to as low as $0.265 or so on Wednesday. Despite this strong pullback, there remain many analysts that expect for XRP to surge even higher in the coming months. Here

Ethereum (ETH) Losing This Key Level Could Lead to 15% Crash - Ethereum World News

Bulls haven’t stepped in since the price of cryptocurrencies crashed by 10% across the board on Wednesday. Ethereum, as of the time of writing this article, is trading at $256 — just over 11% below the high of $288 seen just last week. While the drop sustained on Wednesday was already brutal in and of itself, analysts are warning that a dee