Is There a Future for Privacy Coins in the United States? » The Merkle Hash

Cryptocurrencies which provides users with privacy and anonymity are often looked down upon by politicians and other officials. Especially in the US, privacy coins such as Monero and ZCash might face an uphill battle in the future. The most recent White House press conference only confirms these currencies are designed for criminals and no one else Announces Launch of Margin Trading | Coinspeaker has officially reported on the launch of its margin trading services, among the advantages of which are leverage up to 1:20, Bitcoin as margin nominal currency and use of the newest trading platform MetaTrader 5.

5 Altcoin Markets Successfully Bucking the Bearish Trend » The Merkle Hash

Even though most of the top cryptocurrencies are in the dirt once again, there will be some very odd pumps and price changes taking place further down the line. These following five currencies all note strong gains despite a bearish overall trend, which is both peculiar and odd at the same time. Sustaining any uptrend will always be difficult, for

World’s First Digital Currency Created at the Royal Mint » The Merkle Hash

15th July 2019, London, UK – A new era of finance has arrived, as this week temtum used the Royal Mint to produce the next generation of currency in the form of cryptocurrency, temtum (TEM). In a world first, Founder and CEO of digital currency temtum, Richard Dennis, and a private security adviser worked within the Royal Mint storing the cryptoc

US Politicians Aim to bar Tech Companies From Mimicking Bitcoin » The Merkle Hash

Issuing a digital currency or providing financial services is not a straightforward process in this day and age. Especially for tech companies in the US, this uphill battle will become a lot steeper moving forward. A new legislative proposal would bar major companies from exploring these two business models. This could also spell trouble for Facebo

NovaChain Exit Scam Highlights the Danger of Trusting Crypto Influencers » The Merkle Hash

Influencers are cancer upon our society today. While these people get paid to share sponsored opinions on products and services, they are not necessarily a reliable source of information. This is especially true in the cryptocurrency industry, where no one’s opinion should be trusted. The recent NovaChain scam shows how users should always co