125HTdfjM3QQsNDwnWAS4is9vTdeeAuGmX Bitcoin address was reported last 02-22-2020 as Blackmail

User wrote the following comment:

I know i*s your pass*word. You don%'t know me and you-'re th%i#nking why' you received this e mail,$ right^? Well, I actually placed a m@alwar@e `on@ th$e porn we'bsite an%d$~ guess wh@at, you visited this web si!te to have fun (you ^know wh*at I mean). While you were watching the video, your web browser acted as a- RDP (Remote Desktop) and a keylogger which provided me access t%o yo^ur display scr@een and webcam. Right aft*er that, m@~y~ softwa%re gathered all yo$ur con~tacts @from your Messe'nge^r, Facebook account, and email account. What exac$tly! *did! -I& d$o^? I ma'de^ a split-screen video. First par@t` *recorded t`he video you were& viewing *(~you've got a fine taste haha), ~and next par-t! recorded your webc%am (Yep! It's you doing nasty thi&ngs!). Wh&a#t sh'oul~d you` ~do? Well*, I believe, $1900 is a fair price for -our little secret. You'll make the payment via Bitcoin t~o the below address &(if you don't know ~thi`s, search "how to$ buy bitcoin" i^n Google). B'T'C Address: 125HTdfjM3QQsNDwnWAS4is9vTdeeAuGmX (It %is $cAsE $sensitive, so c^opy an^d paste #it%) Impo!r*tant: You have 24 ho@urs in order to make the p#ayment. (I have an unique^- pixe$l within this email mes$sage, and right now I kn%ow that you have r-ead thi&s- email). If I ~don't get the pay!ment, I will send your video to a@ll of your contacts including relat*ives, coworkers^, and so forth. Nonethele*ss, i&f I# do %get pa@id, I will e@rase the video i-mmidiately. If you want evide*nce, reply with "Yes!" and $I will send your video r%ecording& to y~our 5 friend`s. @This is a$ &non-negotiable offer, so don't waste my time and yours by replying &to this email.