12ZsiPErip6AkpZProLJt64yMg24bY46e8 Bitcoin address was reported last 11-16-2019 as Blackmail

User wrote the following comment:

Hi, how you doing ? We see nothing mischievous in pleasing yourself from sometimes. Certain things would rather stay, and if your relatives and friends get to know about it, this will be something to worry about. Something anybody would be dramatically troubled by. This will heavily affect your personal life and wellbeing. For a long moment, we have been monitoring your PC activity by means of a trojan virus that you had caught and that had infected your PC. You had been infected after clicking on an advertisement on one of our virus-infected pornographic websites. A trojan virus provides us with access to your PC and any device that is connected to it, whether via wifi or bluetooth. We have been monitoring your screen and everything you have been doing - through a live feed - without you being aware of this. We also have control over your camera and microphone which we can switch on and off whenever we want. Any information that has been interesting or relevant to us has been stored privately. For instance: contacts, social media, emails, etc. We have recorded a video where you can be seen pleasing yourself. Moreover, we’ve made a split-screen footage and shown the video you had been watching. With one press of a button I can forward this video to all your contacts, social media, etc. Want to prevent me from doing this? Send 2500$ to the following bitcoin address. Bitcoin address: "12ZsiPErip6AkpZProLJt64yMg24bY46e8" Buying bitcoin is very easy and straightforward. Google how to buy bitcoin. Once I receive the payment, I will delete the video and your details shortly. You have only 5 days to send the money. Otherwise, I will have to do what I have told you about hereinabove Be advised, we never make mistakes By the way, nothing can be more stupid that reporting this, as it is absolutely unattainable to track this email, as these messages were processed through the external server located in another country. These accounts have been hacked. If you make the stupid choice to do report this or contact anybody about this message we will directly release your footage and forward it. Any other things we obtained that can possibly harm you will be used against you too. Once this email is opened, we will be notified, and since then the clock will start ticking You have only 5 days. Do not run out of time! Kind Regards

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