1BXavFhbxCpno2dFpS4BU4NvEJjjqCN8Kd Bitcoin address was reported last 07-31-2019 as Blackmail

User wrote the following comment:

Hi, I know one of your passwords is: Your computer was infected with my private malware, your browser wasn't updated / patched, in such case it's enough to just visit some website where my iframe is placed to get automatically infected, if you want to find out more - Google: "Drive-by exploit". My malware gave me full access to all your accounts (see password above), full control over your computer and it also was possible to spy on you over your webcam. I collected all your private data and I RECORDED YOU (through your webcam) SATISFYING YOURSELF! After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces and this email was sent from some hacked server. I can publish the videos of you and all your private data on the whole web, including the darknet, where the very sick people are, social networks, over email of all contacts. But you can stop me and only I can help you out in this situation. Transfer exactly 800$ in bitcoin (BTC). It's a very good offer, compared to all that horrible shit that will happen if I publish everything! You can easily buy bitcoin here: www.paxful.com , www.coingate.com , www.coinbase.com , or check for bitcoin ATM near you, or Google for other exchanger. You can send the bitcoin directly to my wallet, or create your own wallet first here: www.login.blockchain.com/en/#/signup/ , then receive and send to mine. My bitcoin wallet is: 1BXavFhbxCpno2dFpS4BU4NvEJjjqCN8Kd Copy and paste my wallet, it's (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE) I give you 3 days time to pay. As I got access to this email account, I will know if this email has already been read. If you get this email multiple times, it's to make sure that you read it, my mailer script is configured like this and after payment you can ignore it. After receiving the payment, I will remove everything and you can life your live in peace like before. Sorry, next time update your browser before browsing the web! Mail-Client-ID: 65

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