1JCF2e2ryfuQZJr4yGtyKTSJmJrGmxRRZZ Bitcoin address was reported last 01-27-2019 as Blackmail

User wrote the following comment:

Hello there, Wish you don't mind my language grammar, since i'm from Germany. I infected your system with a malware and now have all of your private data from your operating system. It previously was mounted on an adult website and after that you've chosen the online video and clicked on it, my program quickly gain access to your computer. Then, your webcamera captured you soloing, furthermore i documented a movie that you have seen. Soon after some time furthermore, it picked up all your device contacts. If you happen to need me to wipe out your all that i possess - give me 680 eu in btc it is a cryptocurrency. It's my wallet number : 1JCF2e2ryfuQZJr4yGtyKTSJmJrGmxRRZZ At this point you will have 22hrs. to make a decision The moment i will receive the transaction i'm going get rid of this footage and every thing completely. In any other case, please be certain that the video is going to be sent to all of your contacts.

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