1PiDoUbvwKoiJi9pggV9fNCdEQSAwVWXnu Bitcoin address was reported last 05-22-2020 as Blackmail

User wrote the following comment:

Good day I have a site in the darkweb, I produce all kinds of services - in general it is destruction to property and harm. In general, all but the shooting. Often main reasons are unrequited love or competition at bussiness. This month he talked me and gave me the order of empty sourness in your visage. Default order - quickly, hurts, for life. Without too much fuss. I get receive only after doing the task. So, now I propose you send money to me to be inactive, I offer this to almost all the victims. If I do not receive money from you, then my person will fulfill the mission. If you send me money, besides to my inaction, I will provide you the info that I have about the client. After completing the order, I always lose the performer, so I have a choice, to get $2000 from you for information about the customer and my inaction, or to receive $ 4000 from the customer, but with a high probability of spending the performer. I’m getting money in BTC, its my bitcoin address - 1PiDoUbvwKoiJi9pggV9fNCdEQSAwVWXnu The summary I told above. One day to decide and pay.