Secure Nodes run the software that makes the ZenCash system work. The purpose of Secure Nodes is to create a network that is large and resilient enough to provide the foundation for a worldwide private communication and publishing system that is difficult to interrupt and gather data on. Part of the ZenCash specification is to redirect 3.5% of the mining reward to the owners of ZenCash Secure Node which meet the requirements. Secure nodes operate as regular nodes with additional security features. They maintain a current TLS certificate and use it to encrypt node-node and node-wallet communication. They’ll also provide domain fronting and hold a permanent and encrypted InterPanetary File System available to ZenCash users. They have ability to send a shielded transaction, requiring 4 GB of available memory with 64 bit processor and operating system. The ZenCash Secure Node System is the application software running on nodes as well as the systems and servers which perform these functions: challenge generation, response tracking, payment, analysis and reporting.