A masternode is a node connected to a network from which transactions are made, but also for the purpose of creating / receiving / transmitting information through a communication channel via software connected to the network 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d. The terminology may vary somewhat depending on the project in which they are set up, but the purpose is always the same. (Masternode for PivX / Dash, Securenode for ZEN, Znodes for Zcoin, Oracles for Wagerr, Tron masternodes for Crown, ...) They can be used to perform specific tasks such as instant sending, mixing parts to support confidentiality, help stabilize the network. In return, users setting up masternodes receive bonuses in the form of paid rewards, dividends in the form of cryptocurrency on a periodic basis. The masternodes are complete nodes as in the Bitcoin network except that they must provide a level of service to the network and they have a bond obligation to participate. The deposit is never lost and is safe as long as the masternode is in operation. This allows investors to participate in the network, earn interest on their investment and reduce the volatility of the currency. Since the masternode reward program has a fixed percentage and the masternode network is fluctuating, the reward for masternodes will vary depending on the number of active masternodes. The masternodes can be used to offer additional services depending on the project and the advantage that the masternodes can represent on the network.
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